October 30, 2013

HDIS Affiliate Program Live on eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network

HDIS, which delivers high quality bladder control products to customers’ doorsteps, has just launched an affiliate program on the eBay Enterprise Affiliate Network under the management of Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

HDIS strives to make incontinence products convenient, affordable and less embarrassing to purchase. There are no shipping fees inside the continental U.S., and only a small order charge of $1.95, no matter how big your order is!

The company carries a large and varied selection of only the highest quality adult incontinence products including popular brands like Depend®, TENA®, Attends®, Serenity®, and Reassure® that you already know and trust, plus many specialty products.

The HDIS affiliate program is being managed by Schaaf-PartnerCentric Affiliate Program Manager Tessa Szymkiewicz, who welcomes your questions.

Affiliates may apply to join the HDIS affiliate program.

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