October 17, 2009

Increase sales with CJ’s new PayPerCall platform

PartnerCentric was an early adopter of CJ’s new PayPerCall platform that launched mid-summer, and the results are very encouraging.

“A few of the merchants whose programs we manage agreed to test the PayPerCall solution and have been very pleased by the increased revenue that’s coming from this new addition to their affiliate channel,” saidPartnerCentric General Manager Joe Dalto. “Giving affiliates a simple, trackable way to make sales by phone has expanded our affiliates’ capacity to drive traffic and sales to our merchants’ affiliate programs.”

If you’re an affiliate eager to promote affiliate programs that feature the PayPerCall platform, sign up for a CJ PayPerCall publisher account for the new platform at or sign up to be an affiliate for the following programs managed by PartnerCentric:

TKNO: The Know Now Organization

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