May 05, 2009

Keeping an eye on the big picture

We’re so blessed at PartnerCentric. Great company. Great co-workers. Great clients. And a great future that is built upon our expertise in an industry that continues to grow and expand each and every day.

Today we were reminded of just how successful we are as a company. Not because of the latest technology or the greatest clients, although we’re certainly blessed to have both. No, today we realized that our co-workers do things outside of working hours that make our world a better place.

Our Director of Sales and Operations, Joe Dalto, not only works tirelessly to spread the word about our services, bringing in new business and ensuring the fulfillment of current client needs. He is also seeing three sons through college.

This past weekend, Joe’s son Chris became the first of the three to graduate from college. Joe has contributed many hours to the success of PartnerCentric, but he’s also given many hours (not to mention dollars) to the undergraduate educations of three sons. Could there be a better achievement than that?

As a company we keep our eye on the big picture – and today we saw it all so clearly. Congratulations to Joeand all of the parents out there who manage to do the most important work of all – and do it right.

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