January 22, 2014

Legal Resource Nolo.com Affiliate Program Now Under Schaaf-PartnerCentric Management


Nolo, a resource for consumers and small business owners who need access to legal information or legal advice, has hired the affiliate program management agency Schaaf-PartnerCentric to manage its affiliate program on Commission Junction.

The Nolo affiliate program enables affiliates to promote this legal resource to consumers and small business owners. The vast Nolo Network includes more than 50 web properties and is one of the web’s largest repositories of free legal information.

The Nolo do-it-yourself products make legal information and advice accessible to consumers and small business owners in the form of books, eBooks, online forms and software.

Nolo is a wholly owned subsidiary of Internet Brands and its network includes some of the Internet’s first legal sites including Nolo.com, Divorcenet.com and AllLaw.com. These sites were combined with the ExpertHub technology platform in 2011 to form the Nolo Network.

Nolo got its start in 1971 with the publishing do-it-yourself legal guides. Nolo has evolved with technology, developing do-it-yourself software and building the Nolo network.

Get more information about the Nolo affiliate program and to apply to join as an affiliate.

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