August 15, 2012

Life Uniform Featured in Televised Scrubs Fashion Show on Good Morning Sacramento


The stylish scrubs of Life Uniform ( made a tour de force in a special scrubs fashion show that was featured on the Good Morning Sacramento TV show (CW31) over the weekend.

Life Uniform’s Assistant Regional Manager Gail Meyer was on hand to describe the scrub fashions for men and women as the scrub models sashayed onto the runway.

As Gail explained, “Scrubs have definitely become a fashion statement. They are comfortable. They are a fashion statement. You can wear them out on the street and people wouldn’t know but they’re so comfortable and easy to take care of. They’re wonderful.”

Several styles from the Life Uniform inventory of scrubs were on display to the delight of the show hosts, who were pleased to learn that scrubs no longer come in blue or white but are on trend with the latest, greatest styles for any season.

If you missed the Life Uniform scrubs fashion show on Good Morning Sacramento, you canĀ  watch it here:

Check out the amazing selection of scrubs at – and if you are not already a Life Uniform affiliate and would like to join, apply at

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