February 27, 2014

LightIntheBox.com Saw Web Sales Grow 46.2% in 2013


Congratulations to client LightInTheBox, which has announced a 46.2% increase in web sales for 2013. The good news doesn’t stop there.

– Online sales alse grew 46.2% from $200 million in 2012 to $292.4 million in 2013.
– Also, the number of customers served grew 73.1% year over year.
– And mobile revenue grew more than five times faster than PC business revenue in 2013.
The company is forecasting an increase in revenue of 6% to 9% in Q1 2014.

LightInTheBox.com sells Chinese electronics and other products at wholesale prices, shipped anywhere in the world. LightInTheBox.com is changing the way people buy and sell their products all over the world.

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