October 25, 2012

Little Black Bag Now Available for Only $29.95!


Have you been waiting for the best time to try LittleBlackBag.com? That time is now! For a limited time you can try it for $29.95*. Get the html here.

LittleBlackBag.com enables you to shop for designer handbags, accessories and beauty products. The site draws inspiration from the Japanese shopping concept, “the lucky bag sale”, where shoppers buy a mystery bag of fashion products and trade the items with friends.

From the gallery, you can filter and see what’s available for $29.95. Members get 2-3 items, 3 days to trade and a bag with retail value of up to $70. The $29.95 bag is available for a limited time so hurry before the offer ends.

Want to see more? Check out this YouTube video: New! Introducing the LittleBlackBag.com $29.95 bag!

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