June 03, 2014

Majority of Business Leaders Turn to Newsletters for Their News

https://www.schaafpc.com/page/subscribe-affiliate-marketing-digest-0When business executives seek the news that will fuel their days and decisions, they first look to newsletters, according to a new survey by the Quartz marketing team.

When asked to identify their primary source for news, 60% of respondents said “newsletters.” The study included 940 executives from a wide range of industries that included management consulting, finance, tech and media and advertising.

Sixty percent. That’s more than twice the number of executives who first seek news on a mobile news app (28%), Twitter (23%), Facebook (19%) or LinkedIn (12%).

Among the other insights gained from the study:

  •    75% of respondents spend at least 30 minutes a day catching up with news. And 44% say they focus most highly on news first thing in the morning.
  •     61% subscribe to newspapers and magazines, but only 3% use print as a primary news source.
  •     37% of executives pay for digital news, with those in the finance industry being most likely to subscribe at 47%.
  •     91% say they share work-related content with colleagues.
  •     80% say they share interesting content via email, 43% via Twitter, 30% via Facebook and LinkedIn, 22% in person and 18% via IM or chat.

The full study is available at Quartz.

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