February 26, 2009

MediaTrust CEO joins Woods for podcast this week

Posted by: Wade 02/25/09    09:56:55 am

MediaTrust CEO Peter Bordes is Linda Woods’ special guest this week on the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast on www.WebmasterRadio.fm.

Bordes will talk about the performance marketing industry from its early days to its potential growth in the future. Linda and Bordes will discuss the recession’s effect on traditional and Internet marketing and explore why big brands are now more interested than ever in performance marketing.

Affiliate Marketing Insider is a podcast series, now in its second year, that features some of Internet marketing industry’s biggest stars in lively discussions about the future of the industry. Tune in at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) each Thursday on www.WebmasterRadio.fm. Past episodes are available on the site as well, and the show is also featured on www.iTunes.com.

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