May 10, 2014

Meet Our New Director of Operations – Adrienne Erreca


Adrienne Erreca is just settling into her first week at Schaaf-PartnerCentric, where she’s taken on the key role of Director of Operations. In this position she’ll be managing the Operations team, which provides reporting, data analysis and support for Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s affiliate managers and clients.


She’s well-known to many in the affiliate marketing industry. Before joining Schaaf-PartnerCentric, Adrienne spent more than eight years as a member of the team at CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly Commission Junction) in a number of roles ranging from Advertiser Account Representative and Senior Advertiser Account Manager to her most recent position, Advertiser Account Director.


We sat down with Adrienne today to chat about her new position and her experiences in nearly a decade in the industry.


Q: Hello Adrienne. We know you’re just a a few days into your new role but we wanted to ask how things are going for you so far?
A: “My entire perspective on affiliate marketing has changed already. It’s exciting to see that there are so many tools we can use to help advertisers.”


Q: What do you enjoy most about working in the industry?
A: “I enjoy working with  the people most of all. Our industry is full of interesting and smart people. What’s also interesting to me is how affiliate marketing allows advertisers to test a lot of things at low risk. I think the more savvy advertisers see affiliate marketing as an incubator to test things. I love it when we can break through and have advertisers see this as a creative space and not a waste of time. I see it as an innovative space.”


Q: In your eight years in the industry, what has remained as true on day one as it is today?
A: “The basics. Being successful in affiliate marketing really comes down to building and maintaining relationships and doing the basic things that keep that going. I think that a lot of people focus on the latest trends and lose sight of the fundamentals of the relationships. You can build rapport and have things to talk about on a personal level and that will usually get you a better result.”


Q: What advice do you find yourself regularly giving to advertisers in the space?
A: “A common mistake I see is advertisers failing to see the differences between affiliate marketing and other channels. You really need a flexible budget here because you’re not going to be successful with a budget cap. That’s OK. This is a low-risk channel. You need to be open minded and embrace something that is new and different.”


Q: What’s one thing we don’t already know about you?
 “I really had no idea I’d be moving to Texas! I never thought about it until this opportunity came along. I had been to Texas before but my first time in Austin was when I went for the interview. My first impression of Austin was really good. I love the tag line ‘Keep Austin Weird.’ That made me feel at home, and the quirkiness of it – the mix of country and urban development.”


Q: This is also your first time working from home, correct?
A: “It is, which makes for a new experience, too. I think all of the guidelines I’ve been given for working from home are true. Things like having a separate space for your office and starting the day as you would for any other job – getting up, getting dressed. Right now it’s an adventure. One thing I did tell myself is that for the next few weeks I’m going to break all of the rules and work in my pajamas. Why not? It’s part of the experience.”


In the next few weeks, Adrienne will be making the move from Santa Barbara to Austin along with her dogs – Miniature Pinschers named Ice-T and Coco. Read more about Adrienne and get her contact information at


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