July 13, 2015

Meet The Team: Kelsey Aschenbeck


In today’s Meet The Team blog, I interview Kelsey Aschenbeck who is a Graphic Designer for Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

What is your background and how did you find Schaaf-PartnerCentric?

“I studied architecture in college and moved into graphic design. I like to make things easily interpreted by visual means. I found myself at Schaaf-PartnerCentric when I was introduced to Brook Schaaf. After meeting with him a few times, I found myself doing part-time work with Schaaf-PartnerCentric and now I work here full time as a Graphic Designer.”

What do you like the most about your position?

“Every day is a new day for me. I spend my mornings checking my Asana page and then I go from there with my design projects. My days either consist of very big projects or a bunch of little projects. I usually have bigger projects in the morning and little things later in the day.”

“It’s nice to be the main designer in the office. It feels good knowing that I create a standard and represent the company with my work. I also enjoy the company humor and how the company collaborates and talks together as a team to get things done.”

What do you work on outside of Schaaf-PartnerCentric?

“When I am not working, I enjoy making hand-lettered typography. I also have side projects for my designs such as print making, drawing, and photography.”

What advice would you give to new hires here at Schaaf-PartnerCentric?

“I would advise new hires to try to learn the lingo fast. There are so many things related to affiliate marketing that I had no idea existed until I situated into my position. The learning curve is pretty big when trying to work in this industry. Be open and don’t be afraid to ask questions.”


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