July 29, 2010

Mike Allen of Shopping-Bargains joins our podcast


Shopping-Bargains.com President Mike Allen joins Host Wade Sisson on the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) Thursday.

Mike will share his success story from humble beginnings 1999 to his current success as an affiliate marketer and provide listeners with a laundry list of the tips and tools that can help them do the same.

Mike has appeared on the podcast previously and returns to share his latest insights into the current state of the industry, the advertising sales tax fight and the future of affiliate marketing.

Mike Allen was a finalist for the LinkShare Golden Link Merchant’s Choice Award in 2005 and the LinkShare Golden Link Advertiser’s Choice Award in 2008. Mike received the Affiliate of the Year award at the 3rd Annual Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Awards in 2009. In addition, Shopping-Bargains was inducted into the Mississippi BBB’s Business Integrity Circle of Honor in 2007.

Mike attends most affiliate marketing industry conferences and has presented at Affiliate Summit, BlogWorld and the Performics Client Summit. Mike serves on advisory boards for LinkShare, Affiliate Summit, the Google Affiliate Network and a4uexpo in Europe. He also blogs at ReveNews.com.

Affiliate Marketing Insider is now in its third year on the air. To tune in, visit WebmasterRadio.fm.

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