January 23, 2013

Mobile Site Creation Platform DudaMobile Launches Affiliate Program


, a mobile website creation platform that makes it easy to turn existing websites into mobile optimized sites, has just launched an affiliate program on the CJ network under the management of Schaaf-PartnerCentric.

DudaMobile was founded in 2009 on a mission to make all websites mobile-friendly.In 2010, Duda launched a hosted technology platform to convert and optimize websites for mobile devices. Now licensed by Google, GoDaddy, Yahoo, AT&T, OpenTable and other leading companies, 3 million small- and medium-sized businesses and consumer mobile sites have been built, and are currently hosted on the DudaMobile platform.

What makes Duda so powerful is the combination of ease of use in optimizing websites for mobile, dynamic syncing of content between a standard website and a mobile site and scalability of the platform. In addition, Duda customizes the platform to meet the business and technical needs of channel partners, helping them generate millions of dollars in incremental revenue.

For more information about DudaMobile and the new affiliate program, visithttps://www.schaafpc.com/client/dudamobile.

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