March 11, 2010

Moms find a lot to LOVE about N-fini shapewear

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Women LOVE N-fini because our shapewear has come to their rescue – shaping their bodies without sacrificing comfort. Moms – especially new moms – are big fans of the way our shapewear enables them to fit into their old wardrobe. Plus-size women love the way our shapewear gives them an amazing silhouette. Brides love the way our shapewear turns a gown into a showpiece.

For the month of March, we’re offering special spring savings. Women get $25 cash back on any purchase they make on in the month of March.

We’re sure women who haven’t tried N-fini shapewear are going to love it so much that they’ll want to throw away their old shapewear and undergarments. That’s why we’re offering the Look Divine, Replace and Refinecontest. Women who share their love of N-fini with us in photos or video will have a chance to win a $500 gift certificate good for one day of pampering at a local spa.

Here’s what Mommy Bloggers and other women are saying about N-fini: (@mommygoggles): “I think every woman in the world needs shapewear! What is nice about N-Fini is the way it is made.” (@splendicity): If you have a special strapless dress or clingy sweater that you haven’t been wearing because of a certain troubling body part, N-Fini may just have the right undergarment to get you ready to wear it today! N-fini shapewear shorts “compress the heck out of my jiggly parts while still being COMFY!” “The weave offers nice shaping and minimizes some of my problem areas without feeling like I am wearing an iron corset.” “We all could use a little support to make our look flawless. N-fini shapewear is here to help. The line offers ultra-flattering styles.” “It’s great for when you dress up but its awesome for everyday wear! You can still wear it with your everyday jeans and a shirt and feel more confident when it helps smooth out the “muffin top” we all hate.” “The first item I tried on was the Double V-neck Tank. It has quickly become one of my favorite items in my closet and I will admit, I wear it every chance I get! This is definitely the best piece of shapewear I have ever owned!” “Before this, I had never worn shapewear before – but I am definitely a new fan! No matter what your size, shapers can help you feel and look your best. I loved that it was slimming – not restraining – and that it made me just feel great! And it was comfortable!” “From the thigh, buttocks and waist to the torso, chest and upper arm, N-fini has a shapewear solution for every problem area of the body, providing for the utmost lift, shape, support and comfort for its wearer.” “I wore my new N-Fini shapewear to church last week and I had great results. My clothes looked fabulous and no rolling or visible seams!”

If you’re a Mommy blogger who would like to review our shapewear, contact us at N-fini today, and be sure to ask us about how you can share our special Spring Savings with your readers.

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