January 10, 2012

Moosejaw.com Offering $10 Coupon for Survey Participation

Outdoor clothing, supplies and accessories e-tailer Moosejaw.com is now offering a $10 coupon for taking a Moosejaw survey. The code will appear after the survey is completed.

The $10 coupon is valid on purchases over $25 and expires Jan. 31, 2012. The coupon is good for in-stock items only and isn’t valid for prior purchases. For full details and restrictions, visit Moosejaw.com and the landing page at  http://www.moosejaw.com/moosejaw/shop/content_lp-10-dollar-survey-details____

The survey coupon offer is valid through Jan. 18, 2012. Affiliates may promote the offer using the following Link IDs:

Link IDs:
Commission Junction Text Link: 10992790
Avantlink Text Link: “$10 Coupon for Taking a Moosejaw Survey”

Join the Madness at Moosejaw!
If you’re not already a Moosejaw affiliate, you can apply to join the program athttps://www.schaafpc.com/client/moosejaw.

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