February 11, 2010

N-fini™ creator talks shapewear and the future

We sat down for an interview recently with Martha Istefanidis, whose N-fini™ line of bodywear and shapewear for women launched in August 2007 to rave reviews from the fashion industry and from everday women for whom the line was created. The N-fini brand has grown tremendously in the past two years and is preparing to launch an affiliate program.

The N-fini story is becoming legendary in fashion circles for the speed with which your line of shapewear has taken its hold on the market. Tell us what makes N-fini’s line of shapewear so important to the women who have made it must-wear apparel?

Martha: Shapewear is versatile – designed to fit into their lifestyles. As those lifestyles change, we use technology that ensures the fashion continues to fit the lifestyles.

What distinguishes shapewear from undergarments of the past?

Martha: Modern shapewear is made differently. We use technology in the construction that didn’t exist in the past. This enables us to make our own fabric. As we make the garment, we control if we want that fabric to be tight or looser to fit correctly. It’s comfortable. It’s not hot. The main problem with old underwear is that it’s very tight and cuts into the body. They were very uncomfortable.

You come from a fashion background. How did your experience influence your shapewear line?

Martha: My mother was a designer. What I learned is that a designer exists to serve the public and to learn what people want so that you can design a garment to fit the need. You ask yourself,
‘What is the future? What will people need to wear to the office and to go out for the evening?’ You look at the designs of Ralph Lauren and Chanel – they are classic. You can wear them every day.

The fashion industry is not immune to the stresses of the current economy – so the story of shapewear – with increased popularity, demand and sales, is causing industry insiders to take note. As a manufacturer of N-fini shapewear, to what do you attribute this success?

Martha: Women don’t want to spend money on a new wardrobe right now. Shapewear allows you to fit into your existing wardrobe. Shapewear makes your current wardrobe look amazing. Your clothes fit as never before. People prefer to spend money on value – something that is going to last. Value has now become a priority – and shapewear fits that need perfectly.

What trends do you see when you consider the future of shapewear and N-fini?

Martha: A lot of trends, really. It is already moving into outerwear. It’s here to stay. Shapewear and everything we’ve learned about comfort, fit and style will be incorporated into different types of garments – by that I mean outerwear and activewear. New technology allows us to create completely new garments that we haven’t been able to do before.

What do you hear most often from women who adopt the N-fini brand of sharewear?

Martha: They are surprised that it gives them support but at the same time it’s so comfortable. It’s like wearing a pair of socks. When we get feedback it’s always about how comfortable the shapewear is and how good you feel when you wear it.

For more information about N-fini Shapewear, visit www.n-fini.com.

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