March 10, 2010

N-fini launches women’s shapewear affiliate program

N-fini™ announced today that the women’s shapewear manufacturer is launching a new e-commerce website at on March 1 to introduce its line of women’s shapewear, body shapers, sports bras and playwear to everyday women.

The new site features the entire line of N-fini™ shapewear for women. N-fini™ has earned rave reviews in such media outlets as Casual Living, Women’s Wear Daily (known in the industry as WWD),, The Capital Fashionista blog and The Lingerie Post.

“We spent two years designing our shapewear using hundreds of models and the latest technology to ensure that our shapewear offers women the comfort, confidence and sophistication they deserve,” said N-fini™ creator and 20-year industry veteran Martha Istefanidis. “Our shapewear is the best fit for every woman whether they be brides, working women or new mothers. We also have great body shapers in plus sizes.”

In conjunction with the site launch, N-fini™ is running a special campaign to give women the opportunity to get rid of their old, uncomfortable undergarments and experience the comfort of modern shapewear by N-fini™. Through the month of March, women will get $25 cash back on any purchases made on in March 2010 as part of a special promotion called Look Divine, Replace and Refine with N-fini™ shapewear.

“I want women to experience first-hand how life-changing quality shapewear can be, so our Look Divine campaign encourages women to throw away their old undergarments and buy N-fini shapewear,” Istefanidis said. “To ease the transition, we’re offering cash back on all purchases. That’s how confident I am that women will never look back once they try the shapewear we’ve created. For women who share their stories, photos or video of the experience, we’ll also be entering their names into a drawing for a grand prize – a spa visit for a day of pampering worth $500.”

Since it hit the market in August 2007, N-fini™ has earned high praise from fashion industry insiders and influential fashion bloggers. As recently noted, “I recently tried out N-fini ShapeWear and concluded it’s the perfect splurge. These body shaper by N-Finis are astonishingly comfortable and streamline your figure under that little red dress. I tested the Cami Dress Shaper at a cocktail party and it didn’t roll up once. It’s a miracle of science! It took at least five pounds off my body in minutes and I felt like I was wearing a pair of pjs.”

To join the affiliate program on the Commission Junction platform, visit

About N-fini™
N-fini™ Shape Creator and Owner Martha Istefanidis is a garment business veteran with more than 20 years in the business. She launched the first N-fini™ line, N-fini™ Playwear, in 2001, and in August 2007 added N-fini™ Shape, becoming an overnight success and already rivaling top shapewear competitors. Realizing there was a need in the marketplace for truly functional undergarments, Martha made it her mission to identify the customer’s needs and wants in her approach to the design and creation of N-fini™ Shape, spending two years developing and testing the line on women of different ages, shapes, and lifestyles. For more information, visit

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