February 15, 2011

NetDetective earns higher EPC, network rankings

Net Detective has been around since 1996. In that time, it’s become known as America’s original people search, offering unlimited searching on more than 1.1 billion records pertaining to more than 90% of U.S. residents.

The NetDetective affiliate program, which enables website publishers to earn commissions for sales driven to NetDetective.com, launched on the Commission Junction (www.cj.com) network in November 2010 and is already experiencing phenomenal growth.
After only three months on Commission Junction, the NetDetective affiliate program has already broken into the top 10% among advertisers in overall network placement.

One of the key measures of an affiliate program’s health is the EPC (earnings per click), and NetDetective’s EPC is already incredibly strong after just three months on the network. NetDetective’s three-month EPC is $134.12, and its seven-day EPC is $56.58.

Among other e-commerce solution providers in the same category in Commission Junction, NetDetective’s three-month EPC ranking is second out of six, and its seven-day EPC ranking is first out of 6.

When the program is compared with other advertisers throughout the CJ network, its three-month EPC ranking is 69 out of 3,313, and its seven-day EPC ranking is 365 of 3,313.

NetDetective also offers NetDetective.com/360, which offers three years of unlimited searches for just $29, and MegansLaw.com, which
allows you to find out if a sex offender lives in your neighborhood. You also get an e-mail alert every time someone new moves in.

Are you a NetDetective affiliate? You can apply to join today!
Net Detective allows unlimited searching of over 1.1 billion records on over 90% of U.S. residents. Affiliates who promote this nationally known brand will earn 60% commission on sales driven to NetDetective.com/360. Net Detective is America’s original People Search since 1996. The NetDetective.com affiliate program is on Commission Junction, Direct Track, and Impact Radius. Join now!

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