September 21, 2013

News You Can Use: Affiliate Marketing Digest


Welcome to another edition of Affiliate Marketing Digest, the weekly newsletter for affiliate marketers chock-full of news, articles and actionable tips.

Topping the news in this week’s Digest is a story that has big ramifications for the performance marketing industry. Google likely will ditch cookie tracking in favor of an anonymous identifier or AdID that the company is developing to track Web browser activity.

We’ve also got an infographic for you this week – and who doesn’t love a good infographic? This one – about the meteoric rise of mobile – is not only fun but informative. Did you know that people check their smartphones 150 times each day? While your pondering that – here’s another tidbit: 44% of cell phone users have slept with their phones because they don’t want to miss anything overnight.

As much as we use our smartphones, a new Pew study reveals that only 8% of cell phone users check in or share their location.

Speaking of studies, Nielsen has a new one that shows people’s trust in online advertising is increasing.

We always like to share actionable tips, and this week we have several including Four Ways to Turn Customer Frowns Upside Down Via Social Media (and no, sharing videos of kittens is not one of them).

We’ve also got another fascinating article from about the right way to reward your customers. Did you know that customers find unearned rewards to be socially embarassing?

Our friends on the Performance Marketing Association Compliance Council has just published an in-depthwhite paper and guide on evaluating network compliance. Compliance is always a hot topic – and it’s good to stay informed.

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