February 05, 2013

Now’s the Best Time to Promote Travel Insurance and Allianz

Travel insurance is in season (top-selling months!) now through May – so if you’re not promoting Allianz Travel Insurance, it’s a great time to start. If you’re already an affiliate, it’s time to make sure those promotions are front and center.

The Allianz Travel Insurance affiliate program on the CJ network (CID 3298662) is paying affiliates up to $13 per qualified lead. Below are descriptions and links for our top 3 best-performing links!

Insure your family vacation with Allianz Classic Travel Insurance. Kids under 18 are covered for FREE! Get a free quote.

Get a Free 10-Day Look with Allianz Travel Insurance, the world leader in travel insurance and assistance. Get a free quote now.

Compare Allianz Travel Insurance coverage plans at a glance to easily identify the best plan for your trip! Free quote!

If you’re not already joined to our program, but a member of the CJ network, please feel free to apply today, or reach out to me with your CJ CID and I will happy to push you a term.

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