February 03, 2011

Oohilove offers 5 FREE Bids with any bidpack purchase

Oohilove.com is offering a Valentine’s Day special now through the end of February. You can get 5 FREE bids with any backpack purchase at Oohilove.com. Use coupon code BEMYVALENTINE.

If you’re an affiliate of the Oohilove program you may promote this Valentine’s Day special offer using the following information:

Promo details: 
Valentine’s Day Special – 5 Free Bids with any bidpack purchase at Oohilove.com! Use code BEMYVALENTINE
Start Date: 2/1/11
End Date: 2/28/11
Restrictions: n/a
Landing Page: http://www.oohilove.com/
Link IDs: CJ Text Link 10862052 and Linkshare Text Link 10000021

Join the OohILove.com program today!
Oohilove’s auctions are different from other online auctions. At Oohilove.com, visitors must buy bids before they can participate in auctions. Bids cost 99 cents each and come in various bid packs as well. Affiliates of OohiLove.com get paid $12 per action (an action is the purchase of a bid pack) with a tiered commission structure that goes up to $20 per action. This program offers promotional coupon codes and frequently updated banner and text link creative.

Click here to apply to become an OohILove.com affiliate.
If you have questions about the OohiLove affiliate program, contact the program manager ataffiliates@oohilove.com.

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