August 23, 2012

Our Guide to Great Resources for Affiliate Marketing News and Information

In an industry that tends to change with the tide, it’s important that you stay informed about the latest news and information to come from the affiliate marketing universe.

We at Schaaf-PartnerCentric keep an ever-changing and always-growing list of web sites and blogs that are great sources of not-to-be-missed information. We scour these sources constantly for our weekly affiliate marketing newsletter, Affiliate Marketing Digest, which we publish every Friday on our own blog. You may visit the Digest online or subscribe and get the Digest in your Inbox each week.

Getting our compilation each week is important and we’re happy to help, but we thought you also might want to have our list of resources so that you may browse these sources of information for yourself.

Here are some of the top sites we recommend you make required reading as an affiliate marketer: Murray Newlands brings you the latest information through engaging videos and articles. This organization is fighting the good fight on behalf of all affiliate marketers, and the posts they share are always of vital interest to the industry. Whether it’s profiling industry thought leaders or bringing important issues of the day to light, remains one of the best sources of information available to affiliate marketers. Shawn Collins brings you news from Affiliate Summit and its magazine, FeedFront, but he also writes about hot topics and brings valuable insight to them all. This site always has great features on how big brands are faring – and it’s also your source for statistics about general and season e-commerce trends.

+ Here you’ll get great tips about how to bring winning content to your site. You’ll find SEO tips galore and more here.

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