November 08, 2011

Our Takeaways from BlogWorld Expo in L.A.

We’re just back from BlogWorld Expo 20, where everything we saw and heard validated something we’ve long known – that bloggers are a very influential and ever-growing part of affiliate marketing.

As keynote speaker Shani Higgins (CEO of Technorati Media) said in talking about “The State of Blogoshere,” bloggers are:
– highly educated
– have a media background
– are influenced by other bloggers
– have consumer trust levels that exceed non-blog sites

The keynote address was full of great information about bloggers. Did you know:
39% professionals and 61% entrepreneurs. Out of these bloggers, 33% have worked for traditional media in the past.
59% male
65% age 18-44
79% college graduates
66% of pro bloggers use Google Plus, which enables you to use 1 identity and share it differently

Technorati conducted a survey and found some interesting things about consumers, who trust blogs more than traditional media when it comes to product and brand information.

Merchants who seek blogger help in promoting their products, services or brands should know that:

2/3 of bloggers blog about brands
1/3 blog about service
33% write product reviews (at an average of one per week)
65% of bloggers follow brands
Bloggers are sensitive to associating with brands
60% of bloggers feel they are treated less professionally by brands
86% of bloggers disclose that they are paid for posting reviews

Like everything in performance marketing, the fundamental question is. “How is it monetized?” and “Is it profitable?” The event shed some light on this as well. It was reported that 14% of bloggers count on their blog as their primary source of income and get paid, on average, $50 per post.  Technorati also found that 31% of bloggers display affiliate advertising, and 30% work on a CPA basis.

It was great to meet so many blogger affiliates at Blog World, and we look forward to next year’s lineup of blogger-focused trade shows.

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