April 24, 2009

PartnerCentric joins with eBay to develop affiliate relationships and increase posts to eBay program’s blog

PartnerCentric, a leading Internet marketing agency, announced today that it has partnered with the eBay Partner Network to help support the network’s affiliate program in the United States.

PartnerCentric will work closely with eBay’s in-house team to recruit new affiliates and work directly with current affiliates to make those partnerships more successful.

“Our team is excited to be joining forces with the eBay Partner Network,” said PartnerCentric President Linda Woods. “We know that success depends on the strong relationships we’ll be building with the network’s affiliates, and we have a lot planned to help improve the quality of traffic that affiliates drive to eBay.”

In addition to affiliate recruitment and activation, PartnerCentric will also be helping the eBay Partner Network increase the number and frequency of posts on its blog.

PartnerCentric’s team of Internet marketing professionals, each with more than five years of experience managing affiliate programs, will share their expertise to bring on guest bloggers who will talk about SEO, website design and optimization and other topics of interest to affiliates. Blog posts will include videos and podcasts that highlight strategies for affiliate success.

The partnership between PartnerCentric and the eBay Partner Network builds upon the successful relationship eBay Partner Network established with ROEye in the United Kingdom in 2008. Just as ROEye offers increased support and expertise to eBay affiliates in the UK, PartnerCentric will do the same for eBay affiliates in the United States.

PartnerCentric is a full-service Internet marketing agency that specializes in affiliate program management. The agency also offers such services as search engine marketing, social media marketing management, video marketing and website design and development. For more information, visit www.partnercentric.com.

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