November 06, 2009

PartnerCentric to attend Affiliate Convention Dec. 3-4

PartnerCentric has just finalized plans to send representatives to Affiliate Convention who will attend, exhibit and speak at the conference, the second in a new series, that takes place Dec. 3-4 in Los Angeles.

Affiliate Convention is a fantastic trade show for us because it puts us in touch with new and active affiliates who are looking for great programs to promote,” said Stephanie Lewis, Affiliate Program Director and Director of Recruitment for PartnerCentric. “We’re looking forward to sharing the virtues of our affiliate programs with all of the affiliates who come to this show in search of great opportunities.”

In addition to displaying on the tradeshow floor, PartnerCentric is sending speakers to join the lineup of industry experts who will be sharing ideas, insights and innovations at the conference, which allows affiliates to attend free of charge.

Company President Linda Woods is speaking as part of the Affiliate Marketing 101 panel, and Director of Marketing Wade Sisson will join the panel on how Social Media converges with Affiliate Marketing.

“Affiliate Convention really wants this show to reach all affiliates so they can continue to grow their businesses and their relationships with strong merchants and affiliate porgrams,” Woods said. “Making the show free for affiliates means the show has to rely on sponsors and industry leaders for support, but that also ensures a strong lineup of speakers and sessions. It’s a win-win for affiliates.”

Register for Affiliate Convention online at

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