August 03, 2009

Pay-per-call is here: Earn money when customers CALL-IN an order! affiliates are now able to sign up for Commission Junction’s Pay-Per-Call platform! With this technology, we are able to track sales generated by phone calls that affiliates send to our call center with a unique 800 number assigned directly to each affiliate.

How it works
Once accepted as a CJ affiliate, you simply need to sign up at and fill out the appropriate information. Affiliates then receive a unique toll-free trackable phone number that feeds into TKNO’s call center and pays commission for each eligible call!

Affiliates will be able to advertise their phone number on their own website, in keyword information and offline. There are also additional banners available with and the unique phone number placed directly in the creative. Now when a potential client calls this unique phone number, affiliates will earn commission! ($4.00 per call and $6.00 per call over 5 minutes)

This is the best way for affiliates to earn commission with TKNO so we encourage everyone will take advantage of this opportunity right away!

Please contact us with any questions on how to get started!

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