April 27, 2015

Introducing the Pelican Water Affiliate Program!

Pelican Water Affiliate Program

We are happy to announce that the Pelican Water affiliate program has launched under Schaaf-PartnerCentric management.

Pelican Water Systems is the official, factory-direct retail website for Pelican Water Systems, providing professional knowledge and leading technologies in whole house water filtration, countertop water filtration systems, UV bacteria disinfection systems, as well as salt-free water softening and conditioning systems. Pelican Water products use cutting-edge technology and enable customers to go green by eliminating wasteful and harmful salt brine discharge that is polluting our valuable fresh water resources.

To learn more and join the Pelican Water affiliate program click here.

The Pelican Water affiliate program is professionally managed by Tracie Gross, Schaaf-PartnerCentric Affiliate Program Manager.

If you’re interested in determining how Schaaf-PartnerCentric might help your affiliate program, please request a consultation.