August 19, 2011

Personal Wine Affiliate Program Live on LinkShare

Personal Wine, which features personalized and engraved bottles of wine, has selected Schaaf-PartnerCentric to manage the affiliate program just launched on LinkShare network.

Personal Wine was founded in 2000. The specialty wines are primarily purchased as corporate gifts but are also popular for special occasions.  The most popular occasions for Personal Wine purchases are holidays, weddings and anniversaries and company events.

Affiliates are compensated on a tiered commission structure. For those affiliates who drive up to $50 in sales, the payout is 7%. For affiliates who drive up to $51 to $100 in sales, the payout increases to 10%. When sales rise to between $101 and $150, the payout increases again to 15%.

This program is managed by Andrew McLaughlin on the LinkShare network. For more information, Affiliates may apply to join this program at

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