June 19, 2010

PetStore.com offers coupon for 10% off first purchase


PetStore.com has launched a great new coupon that offers 10% off your visitors’ first purchase with PetStore.com when they use code FIRSTOFMANY at checkout. This promotion lasts through July 31st, so pick up your text link below to begin promoting this deal.

Label (Description): PetStore: 10% of Your First Order with Coupon Code FIRSTOFMANY
Start Date: 6/18/2010
End Date: 7/31/2010
Restrictions: N/A
Text Link ID: 10709537
468×60: 10790990
728×90: 10790996
200×200: 10790984

Are you promoting PetStore.com and MarineDepot.com?
We’ve combined two top-tier pet websites, MarineDepot.com and PetStore.com, into one powerful program. You can choose to promote only PetStore, only MarineDepot, or you can choose to promote both! MarineDepot.com is an industry leader in saltwater and freshwater aquarium supply sales and carries 7,000 popular and hard-to-find items. PetStore.com is a full-service online pet shop that carries 25,000 products for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles, birds, small animals and ponds/water gardens.

Learn more and sign up now to promote Pet Store/ Marine Depot!

Contact the affiliate program management team at Schaaf-PartnerCentric with any questions you may have.

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