April 09, 2009

Podcast offers latest Update on California affiliate taxation

Get the latest news about California’s efforts to enact affiliate taxation legislation at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) on Thursday, April 9, with a special Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm.

Join Host Linda Woods as she discusses the affiliate tax issue with industry leaders David Lewis, Beth Kirsch and Peter Bordes. The panel will discuss the ins and outs fo the law – why it would be bad for the affiliate marketing industry – and what could happen if it becomes law. Also learn how you can get involved in the efforts to halt this legislation.

Beth Kirsch recently led a day-long event in Sacramento to share industry insights about this legislation with the very lawmakers who will be considering its future. She is a VP at uamplify.com.

Peter Bordes is CEO of Media Trust and a member of the board for the Performance Marketing Alliance, which has been instrumental in fighting this legislation.

David Lewis is the CEO and Founder of 77Blue, a CJ Performer that owns and operates online shopping Web sites.

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