March 17, 2010

Program Update: Change in the MyFax and my1voice Affiliate Program Management

Effective March 16, 2010, the MyFax and my1voice Affiliate Program will no longer be managed by PartnerCentric. Please don’t worry though; this change will not harm your efforts to promote MyFax and my1voice. You will not have to update any of your links and can still expect to receive the same great level of attention and support.

All of the MyFax and my1voice terms are remaining the same on Commission Junction. You will still earn the same commission rate and will still be paid promptly each month. The only difference is that PartnerCentric will no longer be managing the program. These activities are being taken back in-house, where we are sure you will continue to receive the same great attention to detail and support that have made MyFax and my1voice the successful program it is today.

Please continue to use the email address to seek answers to your questions and inquires. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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