December 14, 2010

Promote MamaPedia SweetDeals with new coupon code

Mamapedia has created a new coupon code to make it more enticing than ever for your customers to participate in the SweetDeals program. Using coupon code DECEMBER3 your customers can save $3 on their first SweetDeals purchase.

For the wise affiliate, this will help you entice your customers to take part in the SweetDeals program.

Use the following information to program this:
Promo details: $3 Off Your First MamaPedia SweetDeals Purchase with Coupon Code: DECEMBER3
Coupon Code: DECEMBER3
Start Date: 12/15
End Date: 12/31
Restrictions: Only valid on first purchases
Link ID: 10847482

If you’re not promoting Mamapedia, there’s never been a better to start promoting our Sweet Deals, which have just been stretched to reach from Atlantic to Pacific, from North to South. Sign up today at

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