March 07, 2014

Promoting VSP: What You Should Know about Vision Insurance


Here are some helpful things to know if you’re an affiliate who is promoting the VSP affiliate program:

  •     The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, doesn’t mandate health care plans must cover vision coverage for adults.
  •     Most adult’s eyesight deteriorates after 40.
  •     Regular eye exams can also reveal common conditions such as cataracts, retinal degeneration and glaucoma.
  •     Through eye exams doctors can detect early stages of diabetes, hypertension and even life-threatening conditions like a brain tumor.
  •     More than 150 million Americans wear corrective eyewear
  •     Americans spend $15 billion a year on eyewear, which includes glasses and contact lenses.
  •     Those dollars spent could be reduced if more people had vision insurance.
  •     About 62 million people don’t have any kind of vision coverage.

VSP Direct offers the best care, value and choices in individual and family vision plans for as little as $16 per month. VSP® Direct is available to all individuals and their families who currently do not have vision coverage through their employer, are self-employed, use to have vision insurance through VSP, but employer has now moved to another carrier. VSP ® Direct is also a great option for those consumers who are at or nearing retirement and want to continue their doctor/patient relationship. Consumers can be retirees falling off of a company group plan or a COBRA plan and now need vision coverage.

What VSP Offers:

  •     Low Out-of-Pocket Cost: typical savings of $200+ a year
  •     WellVision Exam®: fully covered after a small copay (includes a diabetic exam and glaucoma screening)
  •     Lens Options: single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses fully covered after a small copay
  •     Frames: $150 retail frame allowance every plan year
  •     Contacts (instead of frames): $150 allowance for contacts and the contact lens exam fitting and evaluation every plan year.
  •     Easy Enrollment: Enrolling in an individual plan is a simple process.

We’re dedicated to your success and we are looking forward to working with you on this exciting program. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any feedback or requests. We have flexibility with increase commissions in exchange for placement. We want to help you make as much money as you can! Contactaffiliate program manager Tessa Szymkiewicz for any help you might need as a VSP affiliate. If’ you’re not already a VSP affiliate,  visit to learn more about the VSP affiliate program and to apply to join.

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