November 11, 2009

Reading Horizons is Now LIVE with CJ Pay-Per-Call!

Reading officially went live with CJ’s new Pay Per Call service on Monday, November 9, 2009. This exciting new platform will allow affiliates to earn commissions for driving quality phone calls to their call center, using a unique toll-free telephone number.

When you sign up for the Reading Horizons Pay Per Call program, you will receive a unique, trackable toll-free phone number that will drive call to their call center. You can implement these phone numbers on your website, in keyword information, and offline! Commission Junction will even place your unique toll-free number in any creative you request for this program. This will enable you to drive calls right off of a banner.

All commissionable calls are tracked through the CJ Pay Per Call platform and will be credited to you at the beginning of each month. Commissions appear as a “bonus” with your traditional CJ Account Manager console.

If you would like to participate in the Reading Horizons Pay Per Call program please sign up for a Pay Per Call Publisher account here. For assistance signing up with the program, please contact us.

If you already have a Pay Per Call account, you may apply to Reading Horizons program through your existing account platform. Prior to applying to the Pay Per Call program, please ensure that you are actively joined to Reading Horizons traditional affiliate program through your CJ Account Manager.

*Please note in order to receive commission for the calls driven on the Pay Per Call platform, you must belong to Reading Horizons standard affiliate program.

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