April 01, 2010

Ring Revenue executives to share success stories

Host Linda Woods at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) Thursday for another edition of the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast on WebmasterRadio.fm. This week Linda is joined by Ring Revenue CEO Jason Spievak and EVP of Sales Monty Hudson who will be talking about the success affiliate marketers are having with the Ring Revenue pay-per-call platform.

Ring Revenue’s solution has been licensed by some of the major affiliate networks, including Commission Junction and ShareASale. To cite one success story, ShareASale advertiser Legacy Learning Systems launched pay-per-call services through ShareASale in January 2010. Within the first 30 days, Legacy generated nearly 200 calls. One hundred percent of the calls that qualified for an affiliate commission payout have converted to a sale. Some affiliates have done so well that Legacy increased their commissions by up to 25 percent.

Ring Revenue makes it easy for affiliate networks and advertising agencies to track purchases made by phone. The company’s patent-pending pay-per-call platform makes it easy for online and offline publishers to promote call-based campaigns through the leading affiliate networks, and its proprietary call quality processing engine ensures delivery of the highest-quality callers to advertisers.

In addition to making pay-per-call campaigns available to affiliates to promote, merchants are also using the Ring Revenue platform to track and manage their own direct call-based campaign promotions, where they don’t pay affiliate commissions.

Affiliate Marketing Insider is now in its third year on the air and is broadcast at noon Pacific each Thursday on WebmasterRadio.fm. For an archives of previous shows, visit http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/affiliate-marketing-insider/.

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