February 05, 2010

Riolo debuts Impact Radius on Affiliate Marketing Insider

Lisa Riolo joins host Linda Woods for another edition of the Affiliate Marketing Insider podcast to discuss her newest project, Impact Radius, which just launched last month.

Impact Radius (www.impactradius.com) is a multi-channel performance advertising platform that is the first to connect advertisers and media partners directly for the delivery of performance campaigns across TV, radio, print and online media channels from a single platform. Combining an open, centralized directory with tools and technology, the Impact Radius Platform features online negotiating capabilities, multi-channel distribution of ad creative, and a highly flexible financial accounting system that delivers a new way for media partners and advertisers to discover and develop profitable performance advertising relationships.

Riolo developed Impact Radius along with Wade Crang, Todd Crawford and Roger Kjensrud and Per Pettersen of Estalea as a way to drive exponential growth for the entire performance advertising industry.

“As a group, we remain as passionate about performance advertising as we were when we first got into the business more than a decade ago. We think it’s time for the next ‘BIG’ thing in performance advertising,” Riolo said. “Performance advertising continues to gain momentum, but growth has been limited by out-of-date technology and business practices. With Impact Radius, we give media partners and advertisers direct access to the tools and technology that facilitate profitable relationships.”

The new multi-channel performance advertising platform centers around an open, centralized directory that lists the advertisers, media partners and agencies that are actively engaged in performance advertising, plus offers advanced tools and technology built specifically with advertisers and media partners in mind.

Now launched in public BETA, Impact Radius is open to agencies and businesses that provide technology solutions or services to media partners and advertisers.

Every week PartnerCentric President and CEO Linda Woods invites leaders and innovators in affiliate and Internet marketing to join her for a lively discussion about trends and technologies on her podcast, Affiliate Marketing Insider, which is broadcast at noon Pacific (3 p.m. Eastern) each Thursday onWebmasterRadio.fm. The podcast is now in its third year on the air, and previous podcasts are available in the online archive at http://www2.webmasterradio.fm/affiliate-marketing-insider.

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