April 20, 2011

Save 5% on eTextbooks at CourseSmart.com

Save on your class textbooks with a new coupon offer from CourseSmart that enables you to save 5% on eTextbooks at CourseSmart.com. This special savings, which lasts through June 1, is yours when you use code JFXYSAA.
Promo details: Save More on your class textbooks – Take 5% eTextbooks at CourseSmart.com! Use code JFXYSAA. Expires 6/1/11
Coupon Code: JFXYSAA
Start Date: now
End Date: 6/1/11
Restrictions: n/a
Landing Page: http://www.coursesmart.com/go/5offpromo?utm_source=cj&utm_medium=affilia…
Link IDs: 10853213
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