January 05, 2015

Schaaf-PartnerCentric Launches Sister Company, coreOPM

coreOPM Launch

Schaaf-PartnerCentric is pleased to announce the launch of its sister company, coreOPM. coreOPM provides low-cost, high-value affiliate program management for small businesses.

coreOPM realized that affiliate management services are often not a financially viable option for small businesses, and set out to offer the “core” services needed to effectively launch and grow an affiliate program. “coreOPM allows advertisers to leverage the affiliate channel, for a fraction of the cost of traditional management,” said Brook Schaaf, CEO of Schaaf-PartnerCentric. Current coreOPM client, David Grocer, President of PaperStyle.com, explained, “Like it or not, 10% of our customers prefer to refer to affiliates before purchasing. We rely on coreOPM to ensure that our offers are current and accurate. This allows affiliate shoppers to be confident they are getting a great deal. By leaving it to coreOPM, I can focus on other priorities knowing that dozens of affiliates are properly promoting our programs.” For online retailers, absent or under-managed affiliate programs represent ongoing revenue loss and exposure to potential fraud. coreOPM focuses on developing top-line revenue, with proper compliance measures in place to ensure incremental affiliate sales.

Details about the coreOPM:
• Headquartered in Austin, Texas
• Clients include online retailers and software companies
• Currently manages 19 affiliate programs on 7 tracking platforms
• Management starts at $750 per month

If you’d like to know more about coreOPM and how it might help your company, please request a consultation.


About coreOPM
coreOPM, a Schaaf-PartnerCentric company, provides low-cost, high-value affiliate program management for small businesses.

About Schaaf-PartnerCentric
Schaaf-PartnerCentric provides premium affiliate management services to retail and lead advertisers looking for top line growth, bottom line profit, or optimal technical implementation. Established in 2006, Schaaf-PartnerCentric manages dozens of affiliate programs.