September 09, 2010

Search affiliates: Meet your new frenemy – Google Instant


So, search tools that make things go faster are good, right? Wait. Before you answer that question – you’d better read up on¬†Google Instant.

Google Instant will predict what searchers want to find while they are still typing their search and will bring results before the full terms are ever entered. What does this mean for all of those great long-tail search terms you’ve worked so hard to capture through your optimization efforts? It could be good – or bad.

Google Instant allows searchers to continually refine their search on the fly until the searcher gets the desired result. So it’s possible that long-tail terms will still be searched – but perhaps not as often as in the wonder years now know as BGI (Before Google Instant). For searchers, the benefit being touted is that Google Instant saves 2-5 seconds per search.

Users CAN deactivate Google Instant (at least for now). It is being rolled out now and should reach most U.S. Google users this week.
It’s too early to predict the overall effect of Google Instant on search engine optimization and search affiliates, but you would all be wise to be there now – testing and watching your analytics to see how the new search functionality is affecting your organic search results, site traffic, etc.

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