Schaaf-PartnerCentric offers the highest level of service for affiliate program management and consumer engagement. Our deep expertise provides the knowledge, insight, and resources to effectively manage affiliate programs and build brands online.



Our affiliate program management services are comprehensive and customized to your program’s needs. We provide guidance and strategic advice from tracking platform configuration, to the affiliate mix and commission structure, to help you make the best decisions for your program. Advertisers usually reach out when they feel that their program is under-performing, that they are over-paying, or that they just don’t have the resources in-house to launch or manage an affiliate program.
We take a team-based approach toward account management, meaning your program receives dedicated resources across multiple departments including account management, operations, compliance, strategic recruitment, and technical implementation.




REACH provides customized outreach and guaranteed placement on influencer websites and social outlets, allowing web retailers to align their brands with target audiences. Expand beyond performance marketing through Relationships, Exposure, Advocacy, Connection, and Hype.

REACH helps web retailers to:

  • Build a brand ambassador program with a troop of bloggers at the ready
  • Open the door for long-term relationships with bloggers and influencers
  • Increase a brand’s community awareness and engagement
  • Maximize brand exposure
  • Build hype and exposure for new product launches
  • Roll out targeted giveaways and contests to unique audiences
  • Build brand authority with original content




Our Blueprint service is primarily for advertisers with existing affiliate programs who are interested in invigorating a stagnant program, without the on-going support that a fully-managed solution provides. Blueprint allows advertisers access to high level strategy and recruitment pools that can only be garnered from an agency with the breadth and depth of expertise of Schaaf-PartnerCentric. Blueprint is also a prime solution for an advertiser with no live program, requiring an intense industry/vertical review and optional launch services, but no ongoing support.
Blueprint is an in-depth affiliate program analysis, strategy, and plan for implementation that can increase program profits by 230% within one year.




Schaaf-PartnerCentric houses resources for the launch or expansion of an international affiliate program. Our native affiliate managers offer insight into local tracking platforms, cultural behaviors, affiliates, and promotions, offering your international arm the best chance of success.Our clients generate hundreds of millions of dollars in annual affiliate revenue across more than 15,000 productive publishers and more than 15 affiliate networks. We have experienced teams working with affiliates in Europe, Latin America, Mexico, Australia, and South Korea that have a proven track record for growing affiliate programs. Additional international coverage available.