November 23, 2013

Settle in with Affiliate Marketing Digest


You know, this may be your last calm moment this year? The next time you read Affiliate Marketing Digestwe’ll be in the grip of Black Friday madness. Take this opportunity to enjoy the calm before the storm and catch up on news items of note.

Of course, the Digest is filled with holiday shopping news. We’ll ease into it with a look at holiday shopping trends and forecasts.
This year’s holiday retail season shows trends already emerging – like when people will shop, what products they’re interested in and what devices they’re using to shop with.

Here’s a roundup of festive tips for forward-thinking marketers from our own Julie Ávila.

Speaking of the holidays – are you feeling generous? If you are, we’d like to ask that you consider giving us our gift early this year. We’ve been nominated for Affiliate Summit’s Best Affiliate Marketing Blog contest – and we’d love to have your vote. If you’ve enjoyed the Affiliate Marketing Digest – and if you find it informative and helpful – lend us your support. You can vote here. Note: You must have a Twitter account in order to vote.

You know what the holidays are really about? For retailers – it’s customers customers customers! Is your customer experience as awesome as it should be? We go inside the workings of one company that’s getting this right – and we’re pleased to say it’s one of our clients – Paper Style!

We’re also pleased to hear that the PMA has just announced its new additions to the Board of Directors. Congratulations to Todd Crawford (Impact Radius), Michael Jones (eBay Enterprise Network), Tricia Meyer(Sunshine Rewards), Tony Pantano (Imwave) and Lisa Picarille (

One last item and then we’ll let you get back to the holiday work. We all know Pinterest has marketing value for brands – and a new study sheds some light on the true nature of that value. According to the study, one Pinterest pin is worth two site visits, six page views and 78 cents

Happy Friday to you! Thanks for reading!

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