October 09, 2010

Singles putting their faith in CatholicMatch.com


CatholicMatch.com helps single Catholics find other Catholics with whom they might find a love match. Part dating site and part faith-based community, CatholicMatch.com has created a lot of success stories among the people who came to the site in good faith and in turn found love.

Take, for example, the experience of Coleen, who had never before tried an online dating site but came to CatholicMatch.com at the suggestion of her mother. As Coleen explains,

“I thought perhaps I would have better luck dating a man of my own faith. In my last relationship, it had become a problem when he disliked my church.”

After months of exchanging messages with several men on the site, Coleen met Bill.

“I saw him listed under new matches and when I read his profile I remember saying, “wow!” out loud. We had written back and forth several times before he finally posted a picture and I was very pleasantly surprised. “

After meeting, Coleen felt an instant connection to Bill and invited him to meet her parents.

“Although we’ve joked often about how I rushed things, I know he was excited about being made to feel welcome to a close family. I remember seeing the little contented smile on Bill’s face, and I felt blessed to be the one who allowed him a chance to have just what he’d been wishing for.”

The couple began spending weekends together and soon Bill relocated to be near Coleen. A year later, the couple were married and are now expecting a baby.

“Because Catholic Match makes it possible for people to read through profiles and find personality matches, we both were able to find someone that we were very compatible with. I think it is a wonderful way to meet someone.”

Coleen says CatholicMatch.com gave her the tools she needed to seek and find the man who not only shared her values but, through ongoing communication, won her heart.

“Usually, I’d get attached to the man and invest too much time even though I’d realize that our goals were different, or our personalities were not so compatible. With Catholic Match, I was able to eliminate the matches that I felt would lead nowhere. It gives you the option to be choosy or ‘shop around.'”

To start searching for the person with whom you are most compatible, visit CatholicMatch.com today. If you’re already an affiliate – or want to learn more about how to earn money by promoting CatholicMatch.com on your web site – learn more about the CatholicMatch.com affiliate program here –https://signup.cj.com/member/brandedPublisherSignUp.do?air_refmerchantid=2790913.

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