December 03, 2015

SPC Sees 17% Increase in Black Friday Revenue Over Benchmark

According to Comscore, overall sales for the craziest US-shopping period, Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, were up 10% YoY. Cyber Monday saw over $3B in sales, making it the largest single-day online sales event in history.

Schaaf-PartnerCentric saw a 27% average YoY revenue growth through their managed retail programs, 17% higher than the initial benchmarks released by Comscore. Similar to the industry trend, Cyber Sunday and Cyber Monday were strong performers, showing a 145% and 25% YoY increase, respectively.

SPC attributes the strong growth to leveraging in-depth performance data and strategic partnerships with key players for each vertical. In addition, bulk-discounting and effective commission negotiations led to a 9% increase in their clients’ Return on Ad Spend.

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