March 16, 2012

Speed Matters: How Fast is YOUR Website?

All the effort you put into making your website a well-designed, well-planned and easily navigated instrument goes down the drain if your website load time is NOT optimized as well.

Every second counts when it comes to your website load time. The conventional wisdom is that a site should load in fewer than two seconds. Statistics bear this out: 47% of consumers expect a site to load in two seconds or less – and it a site takes longer than three seconds to load, 40% of consumers abandon the site altogether.

Ideally site load time will be a factor in the design and development of your website and will be optimized at the time of launch. If not, it’s high time you use one of the many free tools to evaluate your site load time.

There are many website load time testing sites to choose from, including:

The Google Speed Test is a great place to start – and the results it gives you are very actionable and easy to understand, something we can’t say about every speed test solution that’s available. Try the Google Speed Test here:

The Pingdom Speed Test is another great site speed test option – and the results are presented in a more visual way that appeals to those who prefer to “see” results rather than read them. Try the Pingdom Speed test here:


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