February 23, 2010

Study says Facebook fan pages do pay off

In our experience offering social media marketing to e-tailers of all shapes and sizes, we know it’s the single biggest roadblock to a brand’s decision to invest in social media marketing. Is there a return on investment? Will we see a return on the time, resources and money we invest? A new study by Rice University says YES.

study by Rice University finds that Facebook fanpages have a positive impact on customer loyalty and purchases. The study included more than 1,700 respondents. The results were proof that social media marketing can have a positive effect on branding, customer loyalty and, most importantly, on sales. Of those surveyed, those who were Facebook fans of the brand spent 33 percent more than non-fans, and Facebook fans were 41 percent more loyal to the brand than non-fans.

If you’re still not convinced, it’s time for your brand to enter the conversation, tear down the walls, interact directly with customers and potential customers and experience the true power of social media.

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