August 03, 2012

Summer Olympics Reveal Shocking Pool Fact That Has America Shopping for Chemicals!

Forget about the weight lifting dude who dislocated his elbow (ouch!), those crazy kids who deliberately tried to lose the badminton competition and the Brazilian who broke his gold medal in the shower.swimmer

No – the real talk of the town at these Summer Olympic Games came when it was revealed that MOST Olympic swimmers do in fact pee in the pool. Ew.

Not to pile on, but the Water and Health Council has chimed in with a survey of their own that showed one in five adults pee in the pool. Double ew.

That’s a lot of pee in a lot of pools. Fortunately, we have the solution. We work with two great online merchants who specialize  in pool products – including pool chemicals. These alarming new statistics about all things urine certainly have us adding chlorine and other pool chemicals to the shopping list – and we assume the same will be true for most Americans.

Our point: Don’t put up with pee.

C1010_f Fortify your pool with chemicals that will neutralize the effects of folks (remember: 1 in 4!) who can’t save it for the potty. For several years now it’s been our pleasure to manage the affiliate program for, which is America’s No. 1 Direct Source for Pool Supplies. A whole section of their site is devoted to all manner of pool chemical. Check it out here:

We’ve also been privileged to manage for several years the affiliate program for, which offers low prices and expert advice for all of your swimming pool needs. Their pool chemical page can be found here:

There are many things you cannot control in this life – bugs in your windshield, gum on the sidewalk and pollen in the air – but you don’t have to stand for pee in the pool. We’re so happy to be part of the solution.

And now, we return you to the Summer Olympics already in progress.

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