Carina Powers

After spending the previous two years at a leading performance marketing technology company, Carina joined the Schaaf-PartnerCentric Sales Department in 2017. In addition to her tech background, with her previous experience working at other marketing agencies, developing partnerships, and teaching marketing at a California College, prospective customers are met with relevant and valuable conversation in the sales process.

As part of our sales team, Carina is passionate about understanding the complex business goals and challenges that each unique prospective customer is faced with, and providing customized solutions to deliver growth and success. Carina is “most excited about the opportunity to understand and define mutual opportunity between exciting brands and Schaaf-PartnerCentric.” She hopes that “as early as a first conversation, prospects have an equally positive experience as they are guaranteed to have once they are a customer with our strategy and client services teams. “Our first two customers are still with us today for a reason, not only is it a pleasure to work with every single person at this company, we deliver results.”

Carina resides in sunny Santa Barbara, California. She loves the ocean, hiking, paddle boarding, and of course… the wine! She also loves visiting her family in Sweden and travels as much as she can.