Dan Fink

Dan Fink is one of the most long-standing members of our team. He’s served with distinction as an affiliate program director at Schaaf-PartnerCentric since 2004. He was promoted in September 2011 to senior affiliate program manager, a position that highlights his pro-active approach to affiliate program management.

Dan is our resident expert at lead generation. He’s launched many programs for Schaaf-PartnerCentric and manages, among other programs, the 21st Century Auto Insurance program, which has seen its performance more than double in the last year. Dan began his interactive marketing career right out of college.

He brings his knowledge and expertise in lead generation and affiliate relationships to Schaaf-PartnerCentric. Dan was fresh out of college when he got his start in internet marketing with his first venture, a startup DivorceInteractive, Inc., which brings divorce seekers and divorce lawyers and advisers together. Then, after gaining experience in pharmaceutical advertising, Dan joined Intermark Media, where he was named their No. 1 media buyer. It was at Intermark Media that Dan learned to combat the competition in the lead generation industry and reached a production level of 10,000 quality leads per month.

Dan is a member of the Performance Marketing Association’s Compliance Council, which stresses the positive impact that direct relationships between advertisers and publishers in performance marketing has on the overall compliance of the channel.

Dan lives in North Carolina with his wife, Michelle, and their daughter Madeline along with cats Bachelor, Merlin and Kahlua.  Also, their always at-war bulldogs an English named Hudson and a French named Louie.