May 19, 2014

Stephanie Harris

Author : Tom Rathbone

Stephanie Harris was our company’s first employee when she was hired by the founders early in 2006 at a time when the company was just taking shape.  She served as the affiliate manager for some of our most long-standing clients, specializing in growth strategies for retail programs, a role she continued to fulfill even as she moved to the  the position of Director of Affiliate Management. In that position she made use of her extensive affiliate marketing experience to manage our team of affiliate program managers.

As CEO, Stephanie now works to ensure that all business operations are efficient and effective, that resources are properly managed and that clients and partners receive the highest level of customer service.

Stephanie’s business instincts, focus and energy have given her the experience necessary to manage a portfolio of projects that include:

  • prioritizing client, employee and company needs
  • defining and enforcing best practices for all aspects of the business
  • maintaining and monitoring staffing levels and client expectations
  • setting, measuring and improving measurable KPIs for the company and its clients

She is deeply involved in all aspects of the day-to-day management of the company and in the development of our long-term vision and values. For this work she calls upon an extensive background in affiliate marketing strategy, online media buying and selling, paid search campaigns, natural search optimization and display advertising campaigns.

From her first days at Schaaf-PartnerCentric Stephanie was known as an innovative affiliate program manager. In 2007 she was a top three affiliate manager on ABestWeb, and in 2008, 2009, and 2010 she was a finalist for the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for affiliate manager. Before joining our company Stephanie helped launch the Scholastic Store Online and Scholastic Teacher Store Online affiliate programs. In 2005, she was the recipient of the Scholastic Exceptional Marketers Award.

Stephanie Harris lives in New York with her husband and three children.  Hobbies include reading, travel and gongoozling. Ok, that last one was just a funny hobby she liked the sound of on Wikipedia.

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Forrest Schaaf

Author : Tom Rathbone

Forrest Schaaf has a decade of experience designing and programming web technologies – everything from back-end databases at Oracle, to custom middle-ware, to applications and web pages for desktops and smartphones. This gives him the expertise to analyze new affiliate-related technologies and networks, as well as implement relationship and data management tools, tools for affiliates includng datafeeds and websites, and offer technical support to non-technical affiliates (and affiliate managers).

Generally, his hands are full simply keeping his brother Brook in line, a challenge for which he has thus far received no awards. He holds an honor Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering from Harvard University.