February 05, 2015

Alexis Simek

Author : Dana Pezzin

Alexis Simek came to Schaaf-PartnerCentric in August, 2014. Before Schaaf-PartnerCentric, Alexis worked for In The Swim as an Email Program Specialist. Now as Project Manager of Technology at Schaaf-PartnerCentric, she performs important tasks such as assisting with new client integrations, data-feed uploads and testing, and coordinating technical issues with clients and vendors.  What excites her about the industry?  “I love that it never gets old.  Technology and systems are constantly evolving and changing so there are always opportunities to learn and grow.  The challenges are endless!”

Alexis lives in Austin, with her husband Peter and her two dogs, Hamilton & Henrietta.  In her free time she enjoys being outdoors and cooking.

May 19, 2014

Tom Rathbone

Author : Tom Rathbone

Tom Rathbone first joined Schaaf-PartnerCentric in 2008 as an analyst. He specialized in deep program analysis, before moving to the role of Operations Manager and then Senior Operations Manager. There, he coupled his reporting and analytics with his industry knowledge to work together with Affiliate Managers to support and grow key programs.

Tom then moved over to a Sr. Technical Solutions Specialist role, where he ran all of Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s integrations of new clients and migrations of current clients – with more than 130 program integrations under his belt across a variety of networks. He was (and still is) deeply involved in every integration, from helping choose a network to pixel firing logic and placement, to testing, and eventually to program setup and best practices. He is also experienced utilizing broader scale solutions such as tag managers, container pixels and multi-channel attribution modeling involving all marketing channels while remaining platform neutral.

In addition to providing strategic solutions utilizing cutting-edge technology in affiliate networks, Tom also used this same industry knowledge and experience to work with emerging market affiliates offering advanced technologies and to find ways for the entire Schaaf-PartnerCentric client base to benefit from these affiliates.

As Head of Technology, Tom leverages his expertise to direct the development of Schaaf-PartnerCentric’s proprietary ERP technology, codenamed “ChocolateMalt.” He also directs the company’s usage of all other technological tools.

Tom resides in Maryland, is an avid hockey player and Washington Capitals fan and spends most of his free time working on his small farm.